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Dealing with the emotional attachment of cigarettes

Believe it or not smokers are emotionally attached to their smoking habit. We all know how wonderful it is to feel positive emotions such as excitement, joy, happiness and so on. Then we also know how terrible it is to feel negative emotions. These can include frustration, anger and sadness and anything that makes our thoughts miserable. In order to avoid these negative emotions humans will behave in inappropriate ways. This may lead to behaviour that we can later regret.

Why do people do things like comfort eating when they are feeling very uncomfortable? Why, if they are smokers, do they increase the number of cigarettes they will smoke during a day? The simple answer is that they are dealing with their negative emotions. They are dealing with them in ways they can probably not explain. For instance the smoker knows that by smoking more cigarettes he or she is increasing their risks of cancer, heart attacks and other medical problems. The negative emotions are so strong in some cases that logical thinking flies out the window. Our human brains do not like feeling uncomfortable and will subconsciously seek solutions to avoid this. Fears and insecurities are major motivators and we need to understand this.

Some of the ways we can lessen the effect of negative emotions is to try to understand what is going on at this present time. Is there something that we can address immediately to relieve how we’re feeling? Rather than smoke more, perhaps we can go for a walk in the fresh air. This will give us some thinking time as well as physical exercise. Is the situation causing the bad emotions as serious as it sometimes seems? When we take the time out to examine the cause of how we’re feeling, in many instances, it may not be as serious as we initially thought. Sometimes talking to a mental health professional can be very beneficial in helping us solve our problems. Whatever we do we must lessen the effect of negative emotions and avoid the subsequent bad behaviours.

Smoking is not a solution for anything. All it causes is really death in the long run and misery along the way. Hypnotherapy is a very effective means to not only stop smoking addiction but also to help the smoker relieve negative emotions. It is a very powerful therapy that can deal with several things at once as they are usually connected in some way. Always make sure you seek a professionally qualified and registered hypnotherapist with many years of experience.

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