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Smoking-the killer addiction!

It all starts off innocently enough. Wanting to be part of our social group at school or wanting to impress someone. We pick up a cigarette, have a few puffs and think we’re cool. The first few cigarettes of course make us cough and wheeze but we persist and then we find ourselves inhaling the smoke. This is where the addiction starts because tobacco contains nicotine. This is a highly addictive substance that is actually part of a crop dusting poison. It is more powerful than most other drugs as far as addictive qualities go.

Apart from the nicotine drug there are around 3000 different chemical compounds that we inhale into our body. Some of these are carcinogenic i.e. cancer causing. There are absolutely no reasons why our body needs tobacco. It’s not a food but is definitely a poison. Our mind eventually overrules that this is harmful to the body for one simple reason. Every time a person smokes they are taking a break. Usually it’s outside away from the telephones or the workplace. The brain quickly works out that there is a benefit in smoking. That benefit is a brief relief from anxiety. This fact, combined with the addictive pull of nicotine, orcs us on to smoking usually for the rest of our lives. Logic plays no part in why people smoke.

When you think about it, the tobacco companies are only selling death and misery. There are no health aspects, lifestyle attributes or anything beneficial for human beings. Our own brains become our worst enemies. When people do decide that their health is more important than cigarettes they then want to quit. This is where the problem begins. There is always a feeling that a person is going to lose something of benefit. It may be their pacifier, their excuse to have a break when their work or their social contact that endears them to their smoker friends. Whatever the reason the brain usually puts up a lot of resistance and the cravings begin.

There are many products and methodologies that are being marketed to stop people from smoking. The truly effective method is hypnosis conducted by a registered and qualified hypnotherapist. It is a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable session where a person goes into a daydream state. In this relaxed state the subconscious mind is open to suggestions. A skillful hypnotist will make the process enjoyable and relaxing.

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