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What does hypnosis feel like and is it safe?

It’s just a wonderful relaxed state where you will be aware of all that is said. You remain totally in control at all times as all hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. Sometimes you may feel tired afterwards but there is no adverse effect at all. You will generally notice some positive changes in your daily life. You cannot remain in hypnosis and will never become stuck. You are able to come out of hypnosis whenever you want.

Am I able to be hypnotised and how will I know if I have been?

Everybody is able to be hypnotised (unless you have a severe mental disorder). You go into self-hypnosis many times a day when you have a little daydream. You’ll feel very relaxed and some people can feel they have just drifted off into a very pleasant dream-like state.

How will hypnosis help me get rid of the nicotine habit?

When you started, you had to force yourself to breathe in the toxic smoke and absorb thousands of chemicals into your bloodstream. Your mind eventually accepted the fact that this is what you wanted to do and it overruled logic. The habit became firmly entrenched.

With our program the combination of Hypno counselling, NLP and advanced hypnosis helps you break the habit and change behaviour back to where it should be, rejecting nicotine products.

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