Why People Don't Stop Smoking

When you smoke cigarettes and tobacco products you develop a nicotine addiction. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that helps release chemicals that enhance a feeling of reward or satisfaction in your brain. Smokers generally use their “smoking break” to relax or de-stress. In actual fact they are placing their bodies under a great deal of stress dealing with the toxic substances inhaled into their bodies. Their blood pressure increases while trying to deliver depleted oxygenated blood around the body.

In a short time the smoker becomes programmed to satisfy nicotine cravings. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can occur just a few hours apart in many instances. The average smoker will generally smoke a pack of 25 cigarettes each and every single day which equates to 175 cigarettes a week; or 9,100 per year. This is around $9,000 literally going up in smoke.


There is generally a fear that if a person gives up smoking they’re going to give up some sort of pleasure; lose their comforter in times of stress; put on weight; can’t handle the cravings – and whatever other reason they can think of. In actual fact, there is so much to gain when you stop smoking for life. The major reasons are your health, fitness, money, family and even being more socially accepted.


You can stop smoking for life but you must WANT to do it. Just not talk about it; not do it to please somebody else; not just put it off until tomorrow – but really deep down WANT to be rid of it for the rest of your life.

When you have genuinely decided you WANT to give it up, call us on
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Our Unique Program does not use gimmicks, nicotine replacements, laser treatment, needles, drugs or sprays – only gentle relaxation.

We work together to help you change the way you think about smoking. It is a professional and relaxing experience where all you have to do is think about leaving as a non-smoker.

When you’re REALLY ready to be a Non-Smoker

Hypnotherapy is a very effective method that can help you stop smoking because it helps to address where the problem starts and stays – in the mind. We take it one step further and use a special combination of techniques along with hypnotherapy to reinforce the outcome.

Our program is different from other standard hypnotherapy and stop smoking methods. It uses a combination of techniques including Hypnocounselling, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and the most up-to-date advanced hypnotherapy methods. We don’t use standard hypnosis scripts, group intimidation or play recordings as every session is specific to the individual’s needs.

We listen to what you have to say and get a complete understanding of why you are continuing to smoke. Only then do we start our unique therapy program. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach nor is it a hit-or-miss approach. Unless your needs are assessed properly and an individual approach is taken you really are wasting your money.

With our program, you’ll feel comfortable as we explain everything in detail. You’ll enjoy the experience.

Call us on 0401 616 505 when you’re REALLY ready to quit.

Our Unique Advanced Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Method


You want to stay off smoking for the rest of your life. Be aware that in time of stress and when relaxing or drinking alcohol, the mind can quite often return to old comfort zones and that of course could involve the return of the smoking habit.

Our program has a three session treatment. It is vital that the smoking habit is eliminated from your life forever. We want to make sure you stay off it for the rest of your life.

Why three sessions? Behaviour changes take three weeks to become permanent. The first session generally takes around one hour and allows you to relax and ask as many questions as you need. The second session (around thirty minutes) is conducted a week later to check on your progress. The third very important session follows after another week to reinforce that you stay off the smoking habit even during future periods of stress and anxiety.

Our Unique Program uses a special combination of Hypnocounselling and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques – in combination with the most advanced hypnosis methods that are individually tailored. We do not use scripts or recordings. Every smoker is different and we recognize this. There is no one cure that suits all. We have a free back-up service as part of our program that gives you peace of mind and this will be discussed with you.

Barry Shirley (see About Us page) conducts the sessions – he is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with Australia’s two main Hypnotherapy associations (AHA and PCHA) and the NGH (USA). He is a registered clinical Hypnotherapist with the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and is governed by the strict codes set by all these associations. Barry continually updates his skills attending relevant courses and workshops.

The cost of our unique program of three sessions is generally much less than those offering just the one session of one hour. It is a fraction of the amount you are spending per year on your smoking habit. We will discuss the cost and what you get with the program only upon your genuine enquiry to 0401 616 505

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* Disclaimer: Results of the Advanced Hypnotherapy program may vary person to person.

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